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Re: Non-payment of Salaries.

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association notes the current period of frustration being experienced by our members; we believe this is a blatant disrespect to the nation’s educators. We are aware that some members are in receipt of payments, though questions abound regarding its accuracies, however this is of no comfort to those who have not.

In light of this financial malaise, the Government of Jamaica must make provision to offset interest rates to be accrued on teachers’ loans and other credit facilities.

The Association is further concerned about the threat of repossession of items and the impact of the current situation on members’ credit ratings; a possible embarrassment looming for teachers.

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association cannot guarantee normalcy come tomorrow. Colleagues, let us stand together paid and unpaid to register our displeasure. This scant regard for educators cannot continue. Whatever sums are due teachers, small or great, must be accurately calculated and paid in a timely manner to ensure their monthly obligations can be met.

Let us Unite and Serve.

Your President
La Sonja Harrison

For further information please

Contact: Leaon Nash, Administrative Officer
Communications & Public Relations
Email: ([email protected]