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The Jamaica Teachers’ Association finds it untenable that several categories of teachers across the island have not received their pay to date. While the data pours in for collation to be sent to the Ministry of Education, let it be known that this is highly unacceptable! Teachers who are already underpaid, will now have to find additional sums to offset arrears in which their loans will now fall! The teacher again must bear this burden. Who truly cares? What is worst, The Association nor the Board of Management of any institution, to the best of my knowledge have not received any communication from the MoEY to inform us of the delays! Absolutely no professional courtesy extended to us as teachers!

This financial challenge is further compounded with the non-payment of grants to some schools! Creditors are now up in arms; principals are embarrassed and in hiding owing to their inability to settle debts! What is really going on? 
We await the response from our employers as it relates to these matters.
OBERLIN School Matter & Minister’s Response
As an Association we continue to keep under scrutiny all matters education. The Principal (Acting) at Oberlin has provided the nation with the explanation for yesterday’s occurrence. We note the Minister’s response to the situation and await the details concerning same!

Devotions are a provision made by law as reflected in the Education Act 1965, while guidelines may be suggested, as a Christian nation, every effort must be made to ensure retention of this critical activity. School is about preparing the entire man.

For further information please
Leaon Nash
Administrative Officer
Communication & Public Relations
Email: ([email protected])

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