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Monday, October 24, 2022
JTA President La Sonja Harrison (2022/2023)The Jamaica Teachers’ Association continues to keep under scrutiny the seemingly scant regard by the government of Jamaica, namely the Ministry of Finance and Public Service, in its response, or lack thereof, to the teachers’ latest position re the compensation review. The Association’s response was communicated to our employers in writing late September 2022. The snail’s pace with which the GoJ is now operating pales in comparison to the “bolt like” demand impressed upon us to sign the Heads of Agreement for April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. This to conclude the much-touted compensation review, promising teachers an increase of substance. 
The 4% was heralded as a bridge to a brighter future; the teachers, nation builders of this society, await the manifestation of the pronouncements. As the Union, more than 20,000 strong, charged with negotiating on behalf of our members, we are calling the Ministry of Finance and Public Service to extend an invitation to us with a sense of urgency, to resolve the compensation review. The increasingly pensive teachers, historically, the sacrificial lambs of this country, are deserving of a livable wage, one reflective of our worth and work! A remuneration package significantly resuscitated from the comatic experience of 11% plus inflation rate, increased food, gas and utility prices to name a few! 
Continued discussions surrounding suggested bands, their aligned figures as well as proposed absorption, cancellation or restructuring of negotiated allowances over decades, must be had. We would be dumbfounded should the study undertaken to influence this restructuring by government actually propose that teachers should be compensated less than 80% of their private sector counterparts. This having compared work for work!  A modern study could not have found the teacher of 2022 in any category doing less work than the teacher of 2008, especially not after a pandemic!
We await the response of our government who prides itself as caring. A conversation to include the retentions of a wage package reflective of the practitioners’ experience, growth and scope of development within this sector called Education! 
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Leaon Nash 
Administrative Officer
Communications & Public Relations
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