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You do not necessarily have to, but you are going to be paid as a pre-trained graduate with a masters degree. To enjoy the benefit of your profession, get professional training.

Answer from: Mr. Patrick Smith, Snr. Secretary in charge of Member Services at the JTA

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If you are a pre-trained graduate and you got a degree which does not have professional input (because you can be a pre-trained teacher and get a B.A.T. [Bachelor of Arts in Teaching]) and you are a qualified trained graduate. So you must choose carefully the course you become enrolled in.

Answer from: Mr. Patrick Smith, Snr. Secretary in charge of Member Service at the JTA

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Any of our offices below will receive your booking:

  97b Church Street, Kingston  -  922-1385/7
  2 St. James Street, Montego Bay -  952-5187
  5 1/2 Caledonia Road, Mandeville -  962-2507
  6 Stennett Street, Port Maria - 994-9525

Need Financing? Enquire about the JTA Credit Union’s Vak Pak Loan.

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The penalties that may be imposed under the regulation if the charges are proven against the teacher should be stated.  The notice should indicate as well that the person complained against has the right to appear at the hearing with a friend, or with his or her attorney, and make representations to the Committee.

Teachers should be mindful that if the person complained against intends to be represented at the hearing by an Attorney-at-Law, he or she should give written notice of such intention to the Chairman of the Board or the Secretary of the Board not less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the hearing.  This is necessary so that the Board can inform the complainant.

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Full pension is calculated by averaging your three highest consecutive years' salaries;  two-thirds of this average is your annual pension.

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Full pension may be paid in one of two ways:

  1. The straight pension is paid on a monthly basis, or,
  2. A lump sum is received at the beginning, followed by reduced monthly payments.
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After the form is submitted, the information needs to be verified and a role assigned to the account.  This is done behind the scenes.  Once the verification has been performed, you will be advised via an email message sent to the address you provided.

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Member Services

For information on loans for educational purposes go to the links on:

  • Economic Services
  • The JTA Credit Union

Both are located under Member Services.

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If a teacher dies intestate, that is, without a will, his or her beneficiaries could suffer a long and frustrating experience before anyone gets any benefit from the estate. It is recommended that each retiree ensures that their will is prepared.

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