President - Dorian Allen-Rainford, Convent of Mercy Academy, 26 South Camp Road, Kingston 4



Vice President


District Associations

East - Lamar Wellington, Excelsior High School, 137 Mountain View Avenue, Kingston

West - Glenroy Williams, St. Andrew Technical High School, 64 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 13

North Central - Miguel Gonzalez, Holy Trinity High, 18 George Headley Drive, Kingston 4

South Central - Shariah Murray-Taffe, St. Aloysius Primary, 74-76 Duke Street, Kingston



St. Andrew

President - Althea Edwards, Rousseau Primary, 1 Ricketts Avenue, Kingston 13


Vice President - 


District Associations

East - Andrea Hoo Thomas, Papine High School, Off Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6.

North Central - Christopher Pierre, Salvation Army School of the Blind, 57 Mannings Hill Road, Kingston 8

South West - Raymond Simmonds, Tavares Gardens Primary, P.O. Box 105, Kingston 11

West Central - Latoya Green Richards, George Headley Primary, 61a Baldwin Crescent, Kingston 20

North West - Maxine Lewis, Essex Hall Primary, Essex Hall, Lawrence Tavern P.O., St. Andrew

Gordon Town - Michelle Barrett-Cain, louise Bennett Coverley All Age, Gordon Town P.O., St. Andrew

North - Marlene Foster, Golden Spring Primary, Temple Hall, Stony Hill, P.O. Box 1183

Central - Romaine Murray, Gaynstead High School, 1-3 Central Avenue, Kingston 5



St. Thomas

President - Ms. jacqueline Hendrickst, Lyssons Centre of Excellence, Poincianna Crescent, Lyssons P.O.



Vice President 


District Associations

East - Mrs. Vivine Douglas, Dalvey Primary & Infant, Dalvey P.O.

West - Ms. Roymane Robinson, Yallahs Primary, Yallahs P.O.

Central - Mrs. Chereen Murray-Forsythe, Wilmington Primary, Wilmington P.A.

Blue Mountain Valley - Mrs. Glecia Beckford, Lystra Primary & Infant School, Somerset District, Highland Head P.A.




President - Carla Batiste, Fair Prospect High, Long Bay.




President Elect - Kay Buckley Glennie, Fair Prospect Primary


District Associations

East - Simone Allen Archer, Manchioneal All Age, Manchioneal P.O.

Rio Grande - Mark Higgins, Fellowship PJH, Fellowship P.O.

Port Antonio - Jennifer Johnson, Norwich Primary, Norwich P.A.

St. George's - Julane King, Claverty Cottage Primary School, Claverty Cottage P.O.


St. Mary

President - Timroy Shaw, Port Maria Primary School, Port Maria P.O.


President Elect - Daedre Moulton, Gayle Primary, Gayle P.O. 

District Associations

East -  Elecia Francis,  May River Primary, Enfield P.O.

Central - Deniese Smiley, Carron Hall High School, Carron Hall P.O.

North - Kesue Nicely, Free Hill Primary, Bamboo P.O.

Richmond - Jayson Morris, Richmond Primary, Richmond P.O.

West - Vivien Mattison, Derry Primary, Pembroke Hall P.O.


St. Ann

President - Nadine Gordon, Ocho Rios Primary



President Elect - Jody Ann Foster-Green, Exchange All Age School


District Associations

Ocho Rios - Ricardo Kennedy, Breadnut Hill Primary, Ocho Rios P.O.

St. Ann's Bay - DeAudrey Miller Hudson, Steer Town Priimary School

Claremont - Diana Campbell, Ferncourt High School, Claremont P.O.

Brown's Town - Patricia James, Edgehill Sch. Of Spec Educ., Edgehill Road.

Moneague​ - Venus Atkinson, Moneague Primary & Junior High, Moneague P.O.

Alexandria - Angella Brown, Murray Mount Primary, St Ann 




President - Tanya Brown-Plummer, First Hill All Age, Jackson Town P.O.



Vice President - Mona Ennis, Falmouth Infant School, Falmouth P.O.


District Associations

Central - Tanya Brown Plummer, First Hill Primary School, Jackson Town P.O.

Queen of Spain - Maudlyn Wright Shaw, Hampden Primary School, Hampden P.O.

Falmouth - Lisa Boothe, Falmouth Infant School, Falmouth P.O.



St. James

President - Lincoln Heron, Retrieve Basic School, Retrieve District, Cambridge  P.O., St.James


Lincoln Heron - St. James Parish President 2020


Vice President - 


District Associations

Montego Bay 1 - Mrs . Margaret Crargie, Cornwall College 

Montego Bay 2 - Sherian Mercy, Montego Bay Comminity College 

Montego Bay 3Mrs Onex Bowen, Mount Zion Primary and Infant 

Anchovy - Miss Erica Evans, Bickersteth Primary and Infant School, Cambridge P.O. 

CambridgeMr. Garth Heron, Retrieve Primary 

Upper St. James - Mrs. Judy McIntosh




President - Antoinette Levy-Riley, Cacoon Primary and Infant, Cacoon Dist., Dias P.O.,



Vice President - Juliette Malcolm, Rhodes Hall High School


District Associations

HopewellChrisann Whittingham, Merlene Ottey High, Pondside Dist., Pondside P.O.,

Green IslandShernette Shaw, Church Hill Primary, Santoy Dist., Green Island P.O.,

Knockalva - Ophelia Foster-Scott, Mt. Peto Primary, Mt Peto Dist.

Lucea​ - Sabrinea Buchanan-Anderson, St. Simon Primary and Infant, St. Simon Dist., Lucea P.O.




President - Alicia Bernard, Grange Hill Primary, Grange Hill 


Vice President - Alicia Bernard, Grange Hill Primary School, P.O. Box 23, Grange Hill District


District Associations

Savanna-la-mar - Monique Neita, Mannings High School, Savanna-la-mar P.O.

Little London - Janet Andrews, Little London Primary School, Little London P.O.

Grange Hill - Jacqueline Barrett-Dillon, Grange Hill Primary

Petersfield - Novelette Brown, Porter's Mountain Primary School, Mt. Peto P.O.

Whitehouse - Norman Johnson, New Hope Primary and Junior High, Whitehouse P.O.

Darliston - Stacy-Ann Watt-Shearer, Maud McLeod High School, Darliston P.O.



St. Elizabeth

President -Patrick Malcolm, Carisbrook Primary School, Carisbrook P.A.



Vice President - Violet Foster Russell, Bethlehem Moravian College


District Associations

Pedro Plains - Omar Mitchelle, Bigwood Primary, Watchwell P.A.

North East (Balaclava)​ - Andre Spencer, Siloah Primary, Siloah Primary P.O.

North West (Maggotty) - Omar Mongal, Glen Stuart Primary, Maggotty P.O.

Black RiverEstella Bennett-Williams, Brompton Primary, Fyffes Pen P.O.

South East - Colin Cameron, Bull Savannah Primary School, Bull Savannah P.O.

Central - Angela D. Russell, Santa Cruz Primary and Junior High, Santa Cruz P.O.

New Market - Tenesha Forbes, Lewisville High School, New Market P.O.





President - Helena Walters, Winston Jones High School, Pratville P.O.



Vice President


District Associations

North West - Tifhany Newman

East Central - Lorna Morgan

Porus - Anasies Nephew

North - Samuel Martin

West Central - Tamara Forester-Richards

South - Venesha Clarke-Willock



President - Beverley McKenzie, Glenmuir High


Vice President - Dianne Gordon Denton, Denbigh High School, May Pen P.O.


District Associations

Chapelton - Janett Gordon, Wood Hall Primary, Wood Hall P.O.

May Pen - Marjorieth Manning, Central High, May Pen P.O.

Mocho - Ann Marie McLeggon, Lennon High, Mocho P.O.

Vere - Alicia Graham, Race Course Primary, Race Course

Kellits - Tracy-Ann Mahoney, Crofts Hill Primary & Junior High School, Crofts Hill P.O. 

Frankfield​ - Janett Gordon, Edwin Allen High School, Frankfield P.O. 


St. Catherine

President - Lavern Johnson, Davis primary School, P.O. Box 113, Old Harbour



Vice President


District Associations 

Linstead​ - Cecil Donald, The Enid Bennett High School, Bog Walk, Bog Walk P.O.

Guy's Hill - Verona Greenland, Bonnett Primary & Infant School, Bonnet District, Benbow P.A.

North-EastBevin Miller, Glengoffe High School, Glengoffe P.O.

North West - Chinnese Morrison, Old Harbour Bay Primary School, Main Street, Old Harbour Bay P.O.

Portmore - Devoney Chambers, Greater Portmore High School, 2 West, Lower West Henderson, Old Greater Portmore

St. Jago - Andrew Harrison, Jose Marti Technical High School, Twickenham Park, Spanish Town P.O.

Troja - Paula Duncan-Frater, Troja Primary & Infant School, Troja District, Troja P.O.

Upper St. John - Dietre McKoy, Point Hill Leased Primary & Junior High, Point Hill

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