Georgia Waugh Richards, President 2017-2018


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Monday, January 8, 2018

My fellow teachers, as we start the new year and a new term or semester in schools across Jamaica, let us intensify the pursuit to improve our pedagogy so that our children will grow as disciplined, educated innovators. Let us not be daunted by anything.

This is a crucial term in our educational structure as most National Examinations are done or begin during this term. Let us imprint success upon the future of those in our charge.

Let us be mindful to take care of ourselves whilst we do this. Indulge in a healthy eating lifestyle, rest and strategize so that we do not only work and forget to play.

We all know what happens when 'Jack works and does not play'. On the matter of play, we must set aside finances to help us to engage in recreational activities. But in order to do this we must first have access to funds.

Colleagues, the JTA's Negotiating Team met with the Finance Members on Wednesday January 3, 2018 and although favourable considerations were made with regards to some outstanding items of the Claim, the percentage increase was not addressed.

The Action Committee of the JTA is on high alert. We are adamant that Jamaica's teachers must be properly compensated for their labour of love.

To all the stakeholders of the educational system in Jamaica, I wish for you the divine zeal to collaborate and ensure that education in Jamaica continues to be world class.

I cannot overemphasize the need for unity. The greatest teacher of a times, Jesus Christ, said 'Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand' (Matthew 12:25).

Therefore, let us unite and serve.

God's speed.


Georgia Waugh Richards
President- 2017-2018

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