JTA President 2017-2018, Mrs. Georgia Waugh-Richards


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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Promoting the Teaching Profession: A Beacon of Hope & Inspiration to Our Nation

Doubtlessly, Education plays a pivotal role in building our society.  As such, Education Week is a tremendous opportunity to emphasize the importance of education, in particular, demonstrating to the public the good things happening as well as seizing the opportunity to examine those areas needing improvement with a view of strategizing to improve those areas.

I note with keen interest this year’s theme which without a doubt is very profound, quite timely and very fitting in today’s changing society – “Promoting the teaching Profession: A Beacon of Hope & Inspiration to Our Nation”

It is high time that we:

  • support the critical role that schools play in our communities,
  • demonstrate how effective school leadership affects student outcomes,
  •  re-assure taxpayers that public funds are being put to good use by teachers and administrators in schools,
  • highlight the successful partnership of teachers, parents and students,
  • and most importantly, celebrate the input of all stakeholders in the education system.

We continue to navigate the education landscape to ensure that the benefits to all stakeholders are maximized. To this end, we embrace the implementation of the new Standards curriculum and the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) and will continue to monitor the system to ensure that the implementation is done under the best possible conditions.   

According to Brad Henry, “good teachers can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning”.

With that said, I encourage the teaching profession to continue to commit themselves to a path that reflects vigour, diligence, efficiency, order, supportiveness and a single-minded commitment to transforming our students and the education system.

As committed practitioners in the education system, I implore you to continue to keep the professional standards high in our schools and wherever the impact of a teacher is felt and let us continue the fine tradition of Uniting and Serving Jamaica, land we Love.


Mrs. Georgia Waugh-Richards
Jamaica Teachers’ Association


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