Owen Speid, JTA President 2019-2020

JTA President's New Year's Message (2020)

Publication Date: 
Monday, January 6, 2020

Good afternoon my esteemed colleagues and friends.

Just as a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around….May the New Year add new beauty, happiness and success to your lives.

As we move into a new year, let us do so with enthusiasm and a positive frame of mind. Let us all be mindful that our young charges are depending on us to provide mindful and energetic leadership.

We at the illustrious Jamaica Teachers’ Association note with humility, our many achievements throughout the past year and take this opportunity to shower accolades on all those who have helped to make them possible.

We thank our presidential corps, office staff, volunteers, sponsors and the media, for expertly leading the charge in ensuring the effective execution of our Professional Development and Industrial Relations activities. These activities have unquestionably served to empower, energize and retool our members to meet the needs of the ever-changing education system.

As we continue to innovate and network in our quest for sustainable development in this, the 4th Industrial Revolution in Education, we eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, in addition to other stakeholders.

Let us move speedily toward consensus on critical policy issues earmarked to create conditions that are conducive to teaching and learning.

We note with great concern, the record number of road fatalities and those people permanently or otherwise disabled due to reckless and dangerous driving on our major thoroughfares. We are also deeply moved by the barbaric nature of some of our citizens who continue to maim and take the lives of their own brothers and sisters.

We urge the government of Jamaica to act speedily and to institute additional mechanisms earmarked to capture and appropriately punish the perpetrators of these vicious acts against the people of Jamaica land we love.

Currently our members are experiencing some degree of anxiety regarding at least three major areas under consideration…

  • The new Jamaica Teaching Council Bill;
  • The review of the Code of Education Regulation; and
  • The administration and scoring of the Primary Exit Profile Examination.

We anticipate an exciting time ahead as we plan and execute our activities throughout 2020…the “The Year of Perfect Vision.” We welcome all our stakeholders to join us and ultimately become beneficiaries of these events….. Chief among these events are:

  1. Our Industrial Relations Rallies;
  2.  Our Annual Teachers Family Fun Day & Wellness Extravaganza; and
  3. Our Inaugural Mr. and Miss JTA Pageant Show

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association takes great pleasure in wishing for you, your families and friends a most rewarding 2020 and pray that all your hopes and fervent wishes will come true.

Long Live The Jamaica Teachers’ Association!

Let us continue to “Unite and Serve”.


Owen Speid
JTA President
2019 -2020


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